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[at-l] [WF] STOP Death by Parsing or R&R..the unanswered points....

My hand is up! The AT =/= through*hiking.

By no definition can one suggest that through*hiking (registered
trademark?) is even a substantial minority of the trail's use. Please
go back and read some history on McKaye's work and Avery's work. The
trail is still serving the main groups that were targeted - casual
hikers out for a break from civilization. It isn't wilderness. It isn't
an alpine or Artic expedition. It is a challenging groomed trail within
a few hours drive of 75% of the country than even little old ladies and
some disabled folks can use. 

The millions who use our trail each year may admire through*hikers, but
most share Avery's disbelief and his certainty that such folks are
pretty much "out there." This is raw elitism to claim that
through*hiking is the central use of our trail, that standards are to
be maintained, and that some website out of Hot Springs possesses
credibility over these issues. This isn't promoting true or false
propaganda (propaganda only became a dirty word in the past 60 years).
Your elitism is only patently absurd.

I do not understand your motives in attempting to paint HYOH as a
licensuous barbarian rabble pillaging and plundering countryside and
village. There are far many more correct ways than the One True Way,
whether dictated from Hot Springs, Harper's Ferry, Washington, Atlanta
or some other little place. Western Civilization will not end based on
the latest tantrum of an AT drama queen. You might enjoy the trail more
if you consider the smashmellow in your hand, and chew on it for a


--- RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:
>      ###   Nobody can argue the fact that through*hiking and the AT
> are virtually synonymous in today's age. 

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