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[at-l] Re: How do FroggTogg pants hold up

Many people like the pants quite a lot. For hiking on a trail like the AT they would generally be
fine. They do block rain and add some insulation since they're wind proof. But, they don't really
replace regular pants.

My personal experience however is that they rip easily. Once a little rip forms it doesn't take long
for it to grow and make the pants useless. They seem more prone to being easily damaged than the
jacket is. I'd wear the jacket again and again, but never the pants.

For rain protection of the legs I now use rain chaps. I've used them even with a Frogg Togg jacket.
That combination does leave the crotch partiall exposed (FrogG Toggs does make a coat that wuold
work quite well with chaps), but even then it's a decent combination in most cases. Generally, I use
a poncho and the chaps. The poncho is from Stephenson <www.warmlite.com> the chaps were made by
Moonbow <www.moonbowgear.com>.

If you are considering the shorts and harsh weather pants approach you might want to look into
something with a bit more staying power and comfort. Although I've not tried them myself some of the
Pertex Tri-Activ gear from Montane <www.montane.co.uk>. I'll probably try some of this stuff in the

  ** Ken **

On 6/13/01 at 11:06 PM, Jim Mayer <jmayer@rochester.rr.com> wrote:

> How well do FroggTogg pants hold up?  For summer hiking, I usually wear
> shorts and carry a pair of nylon long pants for leg protection or cool
> weather.  I'm tempted to skip the long pants and just carry shorts and the
> FroggTogg pants, but I'm wondering how well they would hold up.  I'd guess
> that almost all of their wear would occur in camp, with the occasional
> batch of nettles or briar patch for excitement.

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