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[at-l] R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

In a message dated 6/14/01 5:17:39 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
SherrieM2000@aol.com writes:

> Well, I for one would like to see more people posting their contributions to 
> the trail in the way of volonnteerism,money spent "their own" and other 
> sorts 
> of thing rather than these lonngggggg threads of complaints about a certain 
> few .

The very nature of the people on *this* list assures that you will not see a 
bunch of people posting their contributions to the trail.  The most you will 
see is a little weekend report of "gee, I had a great time moving rocks this 
weekend" or "Hey, we're doing some maintenance at "x" place on the Trail, 
anyone want to help?" Someone always does.  From this list.

Money spent?  I personally (not thru gossip, but personally) know of several 
on this list who have donated more than I make in a month, in "their money", 
to the Trail - a lot.

Why would people rather hear people brag about what they do for the trail 
(true or not) than accept that people are actually doing it, and think the 
fact that they don't require an audience makes that a bad thing???  And the 
fact that they get pissed off when someone tells them they aren't doing it 
because they don't brag about it, but some other well known person does brag 
about it (whether true or not) is a problem?? 

Well.  I'd say the folks that give what they can to the Trail without making 
a big deal about it are more the types of people I'd want for friends than 
the type that have to tell everybody and get recognition and adulation for 
it. (deserved or not).

The Redhead

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