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[at-l] New Year's Ruckus?

We can always RUCK, but I think she was talking about next year around the 
traditional SuperBowl Sunday Ruck.

Those of us far south might do well to look at a southern RUCK, although I 
know a lot of NC and TN dwellers helped create the PA RUCK and want to be 
in 2 places at once. This might be a good time to kick around a few ideas 
to see what works or is wanted. I want to be sure that no one sees a GA 
RUCK as a version of the ATML schism.

I'll bring the blueberries and the pancake mix, and a couple jugs of syrup.


At 04:16 PM 6/14/2001 -0400, DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:
>Are we talking about a new years thing or the end of July thing here???
>Don't confuse me, it's waaaaaay too easy today . . .