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Playing with fire... Reminder for those who may need it.... Re: [at-l] The Burn and FSN/Cotton/Rules

"Thank youuuuuu!!!" to v and all the other scouting types who wrote me
backchannel, and assured me that *somewhere* besides the at-l,
"self-reliance" is a good and worthy thing. 

--- The Lehmkuhl Family <lehmkuhl@gte.net> wrote:

...There are still some of us dinosaurs out there working in youth
> organizations trying to hold back civilization and keeping girls
> interested and correctly trained in the skills used out of doors. 

> IF you are interested in keeping the youth involved in wilderness
activities and not succumbing to the sucking draw of the
barcalounger...then volunteer some time to PASS ON your expertise and love
of the outdoors and your passion for wilderness travel to the youth of America.

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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