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[at-l] Southern New Year's Ruckus?

Just to let you know that the Central Florida Chapter of the Florida Trail Assocication always has a 3-day campout over New Year's.  Although there are a bunch of traditional (there's that word again) activities such as a New Year's Day canoe of the Silver River, some local day hikes, bocchi ball competitions, and a pot luck supper and a stone soup night and a bar-b-que & leftovers dinner.  The organizers would almost certainly be willing to add some more Ruck-like activities--as long as anyone who shows up is welcome to join in.  Group meals (not mandatory, but I recommend them!) are the dinner meals.  You fix your own breakfast and lunch.

The site is in the middle of the Ocala National Forest with plenty of room for tenting. Small campers are allowed, but there are no hook-ups. There's a bathhouse with hot showers.  There is an uninsulated, unheated (except for a fireplace which is next to useless for anything but atmosphere), building with a VERY large main room and a kitchen.  The kitchen contains microwaves, freezers, fridges, commercial sink, but NO stove (something about fire codes).  

Although Florida in December sounds lovely, last New Year's Eve the temperature went to 17 with a strong damp wind, so come prepared!

Other than that, Jon/Wanchor is thinking about organizing a Florida Ruck in January or February.  Details to follow when he finishes the AT.