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Playing with fire... Reminder for those who may needit.... Re: [at-l] The Burn and FSN/Cotton/Rules

I will try that. I recall the old Boy Scout experiment of boiling water in 
a paper cup in a campfire. The paper burns to the water's edge. But once 
the water boils off, the cup is gone.

I agree on the need to practice, practice, practice. I've now had the 
opportunity to compare my stove and The Tin Can Man's excellent stove. I 
don't expect to be making much rice over an alcohol flame, but most 
anything else. I could make rice if I were willing to bring 2 stoves, and 
replace the exhausted stove at the right time (I ain't trying to refill one 
until it is dead cold anytime soon).


At 10:34 AM 6/14/2001 -0700, Sloetoe wrote:
>Learn what/how fire behaves even BEFORE you go on your next trip. Burn
>some wood, like when you were a kid. Walk around and spill some fuel on
>wood, painted wood, rock, concrete, duff (not the beer), etc, and LEARN
>how it behaves. This past weekend, I lit (or *attempted* to light) a strip
>on PU-coated nylon duck and sil-nylon: do this yourself.