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[at-l] R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

R&R quotes Jim
<< On a personal level, I'd like to congratulate you on the evolution of the=
"tone" of your posts.=A0 I had to learn about that when I first got here - I=
spent some time on rec.backcountry and it took me a while to adjust my=20
attitude.=A0 I'm not sure this has been said before but I'll do what I shoul=
have done a while ago and welcome you to the campfire.=A0 Pull up a log - I=20
think Red has the smashmellows - and we still have a few things to talk=20
And then sneers:
=A0 =A0=A0"*** Oh thank you Jim! And I too congratulate your improvement on=20
answering points instead of using objections over "tone" to avoid having to.=
We won't mention the unmentionable avalanche of "tone" I received from AT*L=20
in order to keep my "tone" level acceptable. Thanks for the offer, but I'm=20
avoiding overly sweet items for now.=A0"

R&R has not changed at all. He continues to troll our list. He's whining=20
about the tone he "received"?? What a revisionist load of crap. He jumped=20
into our midst slinging inkpot insults and cowardly attacks. When he was=20
outted as a TrailPlace errandboy, it was said he came here to "piss on the=20
campfire." He's nothing more than WingFraud's toady, sent on an errand to=20
disrupt our list.=20

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