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[at-l] Hurricane Boys Update

Fellow hikers from IN that tend to have very odd weather accompany them
while hiking.  So far we have experienced a tornado, sleet/snow/rain, but I
must credit one beautiful weekend to them but not all of them were
there...ahhh  come to think of it Dan wasnt there that weekend....hmmm

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> In a message dated 6/14/2001 1:32:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> KarenS62@aol.com writes:
> > I just got back from Suches, GA where I rescued the Hurricane boys from
> > small predicament. No, despite dire predictions, they did NOT get blown
> > the trail by Tropical Storm Allison - in fact, they never even got a
> > of
> > rain from it! But Dan did injure his heel due to a poor boot fit and it
> > getting progressively worse as the miles increased. Today they limped
> > to
> > Suches from Woody Gap and I picked them up and took them to Walasi-yi
> >
> I must have missed something here, who are the Hurricane boys and why all
> special attention?
> Not for nothing, but in another day they could have limped into Neel's Gap
> their own or in less time then it took for you to drive down there and
> Anyway, it looks like we'll  have to reschedule our evening hike for
> day!
> Sly
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