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[at-l] R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

At 11:17 PM 6/13/01 -0400, James Bullard wrote:
 >The idea of a 'tradition' of thru-hiking that had to have certifiable 
standards is WFs invention.  I now regret pointing out in one of 
my >exchanges with WF that the ATC certificate was not a thru-hiking 
certificate and suggesting to him that if he so strongly felt 
that >thru-hiking needed a separate recognition then he should start his 
own organization to do that.  At that time he replied that was >what the 
ALDHA was for and he didn't want to duplicate their role.  My, how things 
change, and not just on the AT.

What a hoot.......Someone sent me these links just last week

The date indicates these are not current but I guess they could be
reworked easily enough........