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[at-l] Hurricane Boys Update

 I just got back from Suches, GA where I rescued the Hurricane boys from a 
small predicament. No, despite dire predictions, they did NOT get blown off 
the trail by Tropical Storm Allison - in fact, they never even got a drop of 
rain from it! But Dan did injure his heel due to a poor boot fit and it was 
getting progressively worse as the miles increased. Today they limped down to 
Suches from Woody Gap and I picked them up and took them to Walasi-yi for 
boot purchases, some fit modifications and some minor gear purchases. 
Well....enough gear that they didn't mind staying open late for us and as we 
left we heard something about "childrens' tuitions now being paid off".  They 
were also dealing with a broken water filter (cause unknown) which was 

Besides that, they are having a great time - they all have trail names now, 
but I will let them share that with you. They have met some great people on 
the trail - one group hasn't allowed them to eat any of their own food and 
insists on serving them gourmet multi-course meals once or twice a day. As 
far as some of the observations they made, they can't figure out how mice 
with such tiny little feet make such huge noise in shelters and they were 
pleasantly surprised when Sassafras Mountain wasn't nearly as bad as they 
expected but then Justis Mtn kicked them. There have been many warnings in 
the shelter registers and by the ridge runner about bear activity in the 
area. As a result, they have mastered the skill of counter-balancing food 
bags! All in all, it sounds like they are finding the trail a welcome 

We spent the rest of the evening getting supper in Helen, GA and then 
tuckerizing their packs.I think I brought close to 20 pounds back with me 
between the three of them.  After walking around in his new boots all 
evening, Dan is confident that his problem has been cured and he will be able 
to hike on Friday without any problems. They will be at Goose Creek Cabins 
through the rest of today (Thursday) - their main plans were to sleep late, 
eat, take a long nap, eat, shower, eat, sleep. 

(Sloetoe, They wanted to know if you would please forward this to the IN AT 
list? thanks)

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