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[at-l] The Burn and FSN/Cotton/Rules

It's a really good concern.  For example, I had a similar accident to
OrangeBug's when I was twelve.  My doctors prescribed a topical sulfa based
creme that was probably not Silvadene (mine hurt like hell).  Except for the
pain, and the fact that I made the poor nurses' lives miserable, everything
went fine until the last treatment when I broke out in a rash.  I've been
suspicious ever since that I'm allergic to Sulfas.

You get one guess as to the active ingredient in Silvadene.

-- Jim

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> One reason I am disinclined to add Silvadene to my own first aid kit is
> practical and moral dilema of providing aid to someone other than myself
> wife who might be in need of it.  As a prescriptive drug, I would be
> that I might do some harm with the Silvadene to a person whose medical
> history is unknown to the prescribing physician. On the other hand, I
> want to render the best help I could.  I wouldn't know what if the
> was OK to use if my friend's toddler burned his hand, for example.  At the
> same time, it would be hard to leave the ointment sit in my pack.  What
> would you suggest doing in those kinds of situations?
> Rick Boudrie