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[at-l] hostel needs help in 2002...

richard mann wrote:
> There is a new hostel in the Caledonia/Pine Grove area of PA.  1997
> thru-hiker, Junker (Robert Freeman), lives on route 233 just 4 miles north
> of Caledonia State Park.

Steve Landis writes:

> This is the second new hostel in that area that I've heard about in the
> last week. There is a new outfitter on Rt 30 in Fayetteville, PA  just
> south of Caledonia and they are operating a hostel about 1.8 miles from
> the trail.  Don't know exactly where it is or too much about it.
> http://www.rocksandwater.com/momain.htm
> I'm taking some kayak rolling instruction with them next week and will
> find out more about the hostel.

Yes, Rocks and Water Outfitters also has a brand new hostel, just East of
Caledonia State Park, on Route 30.  We (Junker and I) stopped at this hostel
(still under construction) while trying to track down missing hiker.  Three
hikers were in residence.  There are bunks, and a tv/vcr.  I'm sure there
will be toilets and a sink and the like soon.  We also met the store owner,
who was also on the prowl for the same hiker.  This was a 10pm, or maybe a
bit later.  It seems that both hostels are going to work together well, and
that both of the owners are very responsible...

Rocks and Water apparently also hosts canoing and hiking trips...