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[at-l] Re: Re mail drops schedule comments

- Pinkham Notch. Just get food here. No mail drop. Should arrive 2
days after Gorham. Would need a couple dinners, lunches, breakfasts. Short 
term re-supply.

You can get a restraunt meal or a sandwich there, but I wouldn't count on 
getting much not much else food wise.  The AMC has a small camping store, 
but its just books, flashlights and that kind of stuff.

>Crawford Notch/Bartlett, NH.: ZIP 03812. About 25 miles from

Since its your bithday, you might want to check out the Mt Washington Hotel 
not far north ot the trail crossing.  The $400 per room might seem a bit 
high ;-) , but just like with the huts they give you breakfast and dinner.   
A lot of history though.

I understand that the AMC will be building a multimillion $ facility in the 
Notch to help relieve the pressure on Pinkham.  As a person who likes to 
weekend hike out of that general area I am not looking forward to what will 
follow its construction

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