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[at-l] WF and Saddleback in Maine

Tim Hewitt wrote:

> I was very active with the Saddleback issue here in Maine. I spoke with
> Colins and Snowe on the issue, in their offices in Maine and Washington,

Then perhaps you can confirm something for me. Is it really
true that when Snowe leaves a room she kicks up her heels
and dashes off with a cackle, leaving several bobby pins
momentarily suspended in the air where she'd stood? And
is Collins' office really made out of gingerbread?

> ps There was a notice in another post about the large land tract that the
> Nature Conservancy purchased for pennies on the dollar in Western Maine.
> Well they logged it. Clearcut it in fact.

Which begs the question of what was their position, if any,
regarding the previous clearcutting ban referenda.

>                                                           It's not in a
"view area," though
> it's visible from one of my favorite canoe trips. I'm a life member, and
> when I sent a letter in asking why they did such a thing, the answer was
> disappointing but not surprising. The justification was that clearcutting
> the property was the best way to raise enough money to protect more land
> Maine. Clearcutting was much cheaper than selective cutting and yielded
> more profit. "The trees will grow back. Land will not." I kid you not.

This doesn't trip my irony meter at all. The Nature Conservancy
always were a tactical bunch. Cutting the trees strikes me as a much
better method of raising cash than selling off their so-called "lesser"

Yer pal,