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[at-l] The Burn and FSN/Cotton/Rules


Thanks for the info on burn treatment.  What would you do if you aren't 
packing the Silvadene burn treatment?  Just skip that step or apply 
something else?

One reason I am disinclined to add Silvadene to my own first aid kit is the 
practical and moral dilema of providing aid to someone other than myself or 
wife who might be in need of it.  As a prescriptive drug, I would be afraid 
that I might do some harm with the Silvadene to a person whose medical 
history is unknown to the prescribing physician. On the other hand, I would 
want to render the best help I could.  I wouldn't know what if the Silvadene 
was OK to use if my friend's toddler burned his hand, for example.  At the 
same time, it would be hard to leave the ointment sit in my pack.  What 
would you suggest doing in those kinds of situations?

Rick Boudrie

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