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[at-l] The Burn and FSN/Cotton/Rules

1) Don't run. Drop and roll or otherwise smother the flame. Tackle another 
hiker who you seeing burning and running.

2) remove every scrap of scorched flesh. Clean it until it bleeds or is 
down to pink and unburned tissue. If it does not hurt, call for medical 
evacuation. If it hurts, you might be in luck. Clean and pat dry.

3) Cover the burn with Silvadene to look like a well frosted cake. Cover 
that in gauze to keep the Silvadene on and to reduce touching and pain. 
Plan on totally removing the Silvadene and continued cleaning - scrubbing 
with a wash cloth - every 12 hours, replacing the Silvadene.

4) If the burn is too large for a 20 gm tube of Silvadene, plan on a trip 
interruption to the local ER.

5) Drink lots of fluids.

6) Take pain meds, expect opiates to be necessary.

7) No matter what you do, this will take much longer to heal than you can 
imagine. If you ignore it, it will treat you like an angry wife and never 
give you a moment's rest - and possibly kill you.

Was that enuff?


At 08:16 AM 6/13/2001 -0400, Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
>Glad you're getting healed!
>In your opinion, what should backpackers do/have/know in case of burns?