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[at-l] Lyme Disease Article in NYTimes

Thanx, Jim for passing this headlie along to us, even if it is coated in
horse-poop. Fur was one of the patients in the chronic Lyme study that
they describe from New England Med Center. Furs was one of only a few in
the study that included nerve conductivity testing, since he has nerve
damage. He voluntarily put up with alot of pain for this study, in hopes
of helping to find answers. The results were disappointing in that he
had 30 days of IV placebo, and the study ended up showing that extensive
treatment with currant available antibiotis have litle to no possitive
effect. They did find a large amount of a protein in his spinal fluid,
but it has not been identified. They have "banked" the samples for
future use, but I doubt that we will ever know anything from that. 
Anyway, I admire Fur for trying to help with the disease that brought
him down, and it troubles me when the media blasts information that is
so ridiculous. If someone has a deer tick removal, they have every right
to fear the result...... look at those like Fur whose life was forever
altered by his neglect to have treatment.  I sometimes wish those making
claims of Lyme-anxiety being worse than the actual disease, would spend
just one day inside the body of those who live it. 

Landslides (Nan)