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[at-l] whisperlite stove.-gas stoves in general

I have for many years used a little carburetor cleaner (1/4 to 1/2 oz. in a
5 oz tank) on the first hike of the season and a little dri-gas in the
older fuel. My Seva 123 (now 30 years old) would burn 2 to 4 year old
Coleman fuel without a problem, my first Coleman Peak 1 demanded fresh fuel
( 6 months old or less). Todays fuel-injector cleaners would probably work,
read the label, do the math to find the ratio. I can't recommend going much
stronger than what is recommended for the car injectors. MSR type stoves
with the cable MUST be flushed as part of cleaning the cable. Otherwise the
stuff that you cleaned remains in the line and redeposits and/or plugs the
jet. As others mentioned the air space is important. Coleman fuel should be
used within one year of opening and not stored with the original seal more
than three years. Campers fuel (or other "off brand" fuel)(MSR fuel looks
to be at least Coleman quality) does not store as well (or burn as well
fresh). I tend to use the 5 year old Coleman fuel in my car and buy new for
Black Wolfe