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[at-l] Re: Re Access to Baxter State Park

I must be missing something. You hiked from Abol Bridge up Katahdin and back in one day? That would
be well over 20 miles in a day wouldn't it? Even with just a daypack that is a lot of hiking for a
first day out.

I'm planning on arriving at Baxter on either June 31 (Sunday) or July 1 (Monday). From what has been
said this looks iffy. I hadn't called them yet. I'm now nervous about getting my SOBO underway. 

  ** Ken **
On 6/12/01 at 6:54 PM, Jack <elexious48@home.com> wrote:

> ..  Get to Abol bridge and hike into the park on the AT.
> > Stay at Daicy, then climb Katahdin, then stay at Daicy again.  This is not
> > cheating the system - this is the way that thru-hikers have done it for
> > eons...
> >
> > pittsburgh
> >
> Right on pittsburgh.   Plus, just across the road from the Abol Bridge
> Campstore is free parking and camping if your ride would like to hang out
> for a bit with your pack.  However it is a good hike to climb K and then
> hike back to Abol Bridge.  Very doable though.  I have did this 3 times....

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