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[at-l] HEY!!! Where am I?

Charles Copeland wrote:

> Ahem,
> A cell phone and umbrella are *acceptable* attire in the big city!!

If I had a penny, yes, a mere penny, for every sale fone I see in use at an
airport these days...I'd buy Wingfoot some socks. (Sadly, I, too am one of
the masses using sale fones in airports...sadly)

> P.S.  I was actually looking for a Hawaiian shirt and found you anyway!

Are you implying that my sunglasses look like a Hawaiian shirt?  (BTW,
everyone thinks that shirt is Hawaiian...it ain't. It ain't
anything...'cept, well, ugly. I asked a Hawaiian...Kay K. Harvey.)

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"