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[at-l] HEY!!! Where am I?


A cell phone and umbrella are *acceptable* attire in the big city!!


Welcome home!


P.S.  I was actually looking for a Hawaiian shirt and found you anyway!

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Subject: [at-l] HEY!!! Where am I?

> I just got back from one of many summer jaunts to Tulsa
> (Which, backwards is A slut...) (I'm just tellin' ya.) Why
> do the fine folx on Delta Airlines say that they don't want
> you sitting in an exit row if "...you are easily
> distracted."? Wouldn't something have to be pretty major to
> distract your attention during an emergency deplaning? I'm
> just wondering.
> Overall, the trip was pretty nice. I'm more in love now than
> I was Friday. And, the woman I'm in love with made me cry
> with an absolutely beautiful dance during the 'dream scene'
> of Oklahoma. (She's 'Dream Laurie', she is).
> Beautiful...both her and the dance. (BTW, if any of you are
> going to be in Tulsa this summer, let me know and we'll
> catch a show together.) (BTW, part two...I forget who it
> was...maybe Rich Lubitz...I finally got the
> moonlight/shotgun remark   :-)
> On the way back, I was lucky enuff to have Charles Copeland
> show up (and, somehow recognize me because of the sunglasses
> on my head. At least he didn't say it was because of me
> ace...) Had a nice, albeit brief, chat with him. A couple of
> things were found to be troubling, however. Charles had on
> his person two of the three biggest controversies of AT-L
> history (if he had a picture of Wingfoot, he had all three.)
> That's right...he had a sale fone and an umbrella. He baught
> me a Cinnabon and coffee and made the folx at Delta....the
> same folx who say that they don't want you sitting in an
> exit row if "...you are easily distracted", move my gate
> from some other county to the gate right across the
> concourse from were I got off my first plane...I am most
> appreciative. I had, fun, Charles. We'll do it again.
> Now, While CC was there, I let him in on a little piece of
> info that I haven't told a lot of folx...I don't think. I'm
> really not sure, though. It looks like sometime in Sept. or
> Oct. I'll be moving to the ATlanta area for the winter.
> Perhaps it won't be 'til Nov. full time. That fine, young
> dancin' woman who hath stealed my heart is now a member of
> the Georgia Ballet (marietta)...and Felix is a...I don't
> remember. Oh, Felix is a'movin' to Georgia to write the
> Great American Novel. (Hell, you've already seen pages 43
> and 87...) So, maybe that damned fiction story about my
> non-fiction hike will get written after all.
> Here's where y'all come in. I'll need a job and maybe a 1500
> s.f. house to use rent free. Or, cash. Anything you can
> do...as always...appreciated. (Hummingbird...are you paying
> attention? Why weren't you at the airport this evening???)
> So, I think that is all. I'll prolly be driving to Tulsa
> next weekend. I'm tired of airline snack mix and airport
> restrooms (why can't I flush the toilet myself???)  So, I
> may be stopping to see you , Pete Fornof. Anyone else close
> to I-44? Hey, did I tell you guys that the F-man is in love?
> Did I tell you about my grandchildren?
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