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[at-l] HEY!!! Where am I?

I just got back from one of many summer jaunts to Tulsa
(Which, backwards is A slut...) (I'm just tellin' ya.) Why
do the fine folx on Delta Airlines say that they don't want
you sitting in an exit row if "...you are easily
distracted."? Wouldn't something have to be pretty major to
distract your attention during an emergency deplaning? I'm
just wondering.

Overall, the trip was pretty nice. I'm more in love now than
I was Friday. And, the woman I'm in love with made me cry
with an absolutely beautiful dance during the 'dream scene'
of Oklahoma. (She's 'Dream Laurie', she is).
Beautiful...both her and the dance. (BTW, if any of you are
going to be in Tulsa this summer, let me know and we'll
catch a show together.) (BTW, part two...I forget who it
was...maybe Rich Lubitz...I finally got the
moonlight/shotgun remark   :-)

On the way back, I was lucky enuff to have Charles Copeland
show up (and, somehow recognize me because of the sunglasses
on my head. At least he didn't say it was because of me
ace...) Had a nice, albeit brief, chat with him. A couple of
things were found to be troubling, however. Charles had on
his person two of the three biggest controversies of AT-L
history (if he had a picture of Wingfoot, he had all three.)
That's right...he had a sale fone and an umbrella. He baught
me a Cinnabon and coffee and made the folx at Delta....the
same folx who say that they don't want you sitting in an
exit row if "...you are easily distracted", move my gate
from some other county to the gate right across the
concourse from were I got off my first plane...I am most
appreciative. I had, fun, Charles. We'll do it again.

Now, While CC was there, I let him in on a little piece of
info that I haven't told a lot of folx...I don't think. I'm
really not sure, though. It looks like sometime in Sept. or
Oct. I'll be moving to the ATlanta area for the winter.
Perhaps it won't be 'til Nov. full time. That fine, young
dancin' woman who hath stealed my heart is now a member of
the Georgia Ballet (marietta)...and Felix is a...I don't
remember. Oh, Felix is a'movin' to Georgia to write the
Great American Novel. (Hell, you've already seen pages 43
and 87...) So, maybe that damned fiction story about my
non-fiction hike will get written after all.

Here's where y'all come in. I'll need a job and maybe a 1500
s.f. house to use rent free. Or, cash. Anything you can
do...as always...appreciated. (Hummingbird...are you paying
attention? Why weren't you at the airport this evening???)

So, I think that is all. I'll prolly be driving to Tulsa
next weekend. I'm tired of airline snack mix and airport
restrooms (why can't I flush the toilet myself???)  So, I
may be stopping to see you , Pete Fornof. Anyone else close
to I-44? Hey, did I tell you guys that the F-man is in love?
Did I tell you about my grandchildren?

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"