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[at-l] Access to Baxter State Park

.  Get to Abol bridge and hike into the park on the AT.
> Stay at Daicy, then climb Katahdin, then stay at Daicy again.  This is not
> cheating the system - this is the way that thru-hikers have done it for
> eons...
> pittsburgh

Right on pittsburgh.   Plus, just across the road from the Abol Bridge
Campstore is free parking and camping if your ride would like to hang out
for a bit with your pack.  However it is a good hike to climb K and then
hike back to Abol Bridge.  Very doable though.  I have did this 3 times....
The only problem I ever had was some plain clothes deputies or whatever,
(they had guns), came over to the camp store and told us not to drink
another beer outside.  You could not drink it inside if I recall....  Lone
Wolf and Mainiac were there and two others so that shut down that little
party.  I still think those guy were not deputies, just locals.