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[at-l] Re: Re cold breakfasts that stick

> I'm not sure of the brand.  I get it from the corner health food
> store.  They have a whole section of it.  different flavors and
> types.   I'll give specifics tonight when I get home.   why it's
> best?  I believe there is a nutritional  reason it's recommended.
> Personally I like the taste.  I've tried powdered milk.   It  just
> reminds me of water with white food coloring in it.

I also don't particularly care for dried milk - but I have been
eating/drinking it for well over forty years now. On the trail I have taken
to premixing a serving of cereal (such as Mueslix, but pick your own
favorite) with dried milk and vanilla flavored breakfast drink. You will
need to experiment to find the right mix for you, a full pack is terribly
sweet...but at least it doesn't taste like water with white food coloring.

Lee I Joe