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[at-l] R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

This is another case of how what goes around, comes around. The original 
idea of the AT as initially described by McKaye was for general public to 
get interested in the outdoors and spend a week or two. Of course the idea 
of camps and cultural centers didn't happen, nor did other parts of this 
hare-brained pipe dream that Avery salvaged from the potential dustbin of 
American Utopian schemes.

There is a problem in elitism of the thru-hiker as the center of the AT, 
just as there are problems in the interpretation of HYOH as anarchy for the 
trail and towns. There is also problems in an authority making edicts from 
Hot Springs (or anywhere else) about how the trail should be used. There 
are problems in organized groups feeds posing as Trail-Angels. There are 
problems in commercialism involving the AT. These are concerns to all of us 
with no simple answers, unless you are a self appointed authority. Even for 
such a self appointed authority, there will still be far more members of 
the general public finding the trail who never find a need for any e-list, 
ATC or other authority (other than their friendly gear retailer).

I suspect that our friend WF has more in common with McKaye than with 
Avery, as he seems more the dreamer than the do-er. Frankly, we need both 
even when the dreamers are a real pain.


At 03:50 PM 6/12/2001 -0400, RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:
>      You can't restore the past exactly as it was. The Trail and its
>surroundings have changed since 1937. I guess what I would describe
>traditionalism as is an attempt to fight the inertia occurring when the Trail
>is subject to new numbers and types being attracted to it. The demographic
>has changed from the solo seeker to the general public interested in the