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[at-l] whisperlite stove.

> the air space is necessary to pressurize the bottle.  It is virtually
> impossible to pressurize a liquid (it can be done but it
> takes more power
> than the pump has).  It is the compressed air in the bottle
> that propels
> the liquid fuel out.  the fact that the stove worked better
> as the trip
> progressed leads one to speculate that the use of fuel created the
> necessary airspace. Obey the fill line!

Partially correct. The airspace is required for pressure. You CANNOT
however, compress a liquid. Basic college Physics 101.

Back to earlier posts (and my apologies if someone else already answered)
the yellow flame is most likely due to water in the fuel. This happens more
frequently than you would believe, or like. The only solution I have found
is to shake the fuel line to thoroughly remove the fuel from it and then air
dry the line. Actually, I do this EVERY time I use it. I also shake the jet
well before every use, preventative maintenance....

I know some people leave it in the bottle the whole trip, but I have always
been wary of fuel leakage in my pack and always restopper the fuel bottle as

I have been through almost the exact experience you described and was able
to cure most of it by simply shaking the jet well to clean it. The remainder
of the problem went away with new fuel.

Lee I Joe