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[at-l] Shiggy's Going Home

Several listers offered their help to A.T. thru-hiker Blowin' Sunshine and
his dog Shiggy, and a solution has been found. But hikers can speak better
for themselves, so here's Marcus...


Thanks so much for allowing me to post my request for help on your site.
Last night I found an unexpected solution back home in
Austin, Texas, so I'll ship him there tomorrow.

Fortunately, the vet in Luray determined that Shiggy's
injury is not a hip problem.  Rather, it is a
repetitive motion injury to the ligament at the
toenail joint in one of his toes.

Saying goodbye to Shiggy will be tough, but he'll be
with trusted friends who will take him to parties and
the beach and a vacation to Colorado.

Thanks again.

Marcus (Blowin' Sunshine) and Shiggy (Da Buddy)