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[at-l] whisperlite stove.

the air space is necessary to pressurize the bottle.  It is virtually 
impossible to pressurize a liquid (it can be done but it takes more power 
than the pump has).  It is the compressed air in the bottle that propels 
the liquid fuel out.  the fact that the stove worked better as the trip 
progressed leads one to speculate that the use of fuel created the 
necessary airspace. Obey the fill line!

> In a message dated 
6/12/01 12:11:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, > hikers99@yahoo.com writes:
> > I did not know if I should prime some more or if there was too much 
> > pressure, because the instruction manual says either one can cause yellow 
> > flame.Later in the trip, it got better and seemed pretty good at the end. 
> I have had this problem before when I overfilled the fuel bottle. There is a 
> fill line and igoing above it cause the stove to balk at efforts to cook on 
> it. Someone with a way more technical brain than mine has would probably be 
> able to give a better answer as to why. 
> And that's why now that I have a pot stand (thanks to the concentrated 
> efforts of HisToeness), I will probably be using alcohol and/or esbit 
> exclusively.
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