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[at-l] Volunteer Help Wanted at ATC for a Y2K SoBo Project.

I am looking for someone who can spare a few hours as a volunteer at ATC
the correlate data re: Y2K SoBo Thruhikers.  The ultimate goal is to
document the fate of every Y2K SoBo Thruhiker leaving Katahdin in 2000.

Phase one was to collect data on SoBo thruhikers reaching Springer Mtn
[finishers and others], phase two will be to compare my finish data with
the data received at ATC.  Phase three will be to complete the
collection and analysis of the Katahdin starting data.

The current task will be to correlate the data I have collected with the
SoBo photobook at ATC and the apps they have received for 2000 miler

There are 130 Y2K SoBos entered into the ATC photobook as of 12/31/00. 
My list has 128 trailnames of those who either made it to Springer or
who are known to have left the trail after reaching Harpers Ferry.  I
only can fully identify 84 of the 128 names on the list.  Of the other
44 trailnames, for some I know their given names and/or where they live
and/or when they started at Katahdin and/or....

I also know the fate of another 40 or so Y2K SoBo Thruhikers who left
the trail before reaching Harpers Ferry so the overall project is not as
farfectched as it would appear at first glance.

If you are interested in assisting, contact me and I'll get into the
specifics. <mailto:rcbrooks@acadia.net>.

Bob Brooks, Sandy Point ME