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[at-l] whisperlite stove.

I had taken my whisperlite stove apart before our weekend trip and it =
had worked fine before we left.  On the weekend, however, I had serious =
problems with it.  After pumping, I turned the valve and no fuel went to =
the stove. I tried a couple of times with no luck, but the bottle was =
pressurized.I did not know if the problem was in the stove or the pump =
(hopefully not the latter). I pulled the wire partially out of the tube, =
and moved it back and forth a few times, and that seemed to get the fuel =
moving when I tried again. It burned very noisy and sputtered a lot and =
burned yellow. I did not know if I should prime some more or if there =
was too much pressure, because the instruction manual says either one =
can cause yellow flame.Later in the trip, it got better and seemed =
pretty good at the end. There is a possibility that my fuel is too old, =
but that would not explain the complete blockage on the first night.=20

As an aside, I would like to mention that in our hike though the Whites =
last year, the stove worked great, but started giving me trouble after I =
bought some fuel by the ounce from a hardware store in Gorham. AND  =
there is a question, here.  I want to take the stove apart again this =
week before our return to the AT, and I wonder if someone has some =
advice on somethings I should pay special attention to.

PA (MA & PA 99)


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