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[at-l] Access to Baxter State Park

I know that Baxter told you the park could not give out reservations for the 
dates you want. Probably so.

Still, here is what I would do if I were in your position.  I would send an 
overnight letter along with the proper reservation form and check for the 
dates you want requesting bunkhouse space at "Roaring Brook Campground".  I 
would also include a VERY nice note explaining your willingness to accept 
any other accommodation, or be put on a waiting list (which probably doesn't 
exist) for such a spot.

Here is why:  Baxter State Park fills there reservation very quickly. That's 
just life.  I have only limited experience with this, but here is what I can 
share: On one occasion when everything else was full, I was given a spot in 
the bunkhouse which was virtually empty otherwise. Weird. On 2 other 
occasions when I had made the "perfect" reservations in advance for holiday 
weekends, I noticed that only a handful of people were staying in that 
bunkhouse.  That got me thinking.  For the family vacation type hikers, who 
would possibly want to take the Mrs. and the kids to stay in a bunkhouse 
located just off a parking lot?  Also, since most all people travel in 
groups, what are the odds that a bunkhouse is going to fill up to its exact 
capacity?  Is it possible that the reservations clerks overlook this as a 
possibility, or that they leave a number of extra there spaces "just in 
case"?  Perhaps in case the President visits?  Or for work crews?

Probably not.  I could be all wet on this.  They said everything was full.  
You probably wont get a camping reservation.  But, this tact would be 
something that I think would be worth considering.  Nothing ventured nothing 
gained.  Of course if you have a RBCG reservation and decide not to spend 
the night there but rather spend it at the thru-hiker lean-to, you should 
inform the rangers of that change when you get to the park.  If by some 
miracle this does work for you, let me know.  If not, don't bother.  I will 
continue to live in my imaginary world and just assume you didn't write a 
nice enough letter ;-).  Have a great Southbound trip.

Rick (a long-shot is better than no shot) Boudrie ME=>GA 19AT3

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