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[at-l] Access to Baxter State Park

In a message dated 6/12/01 5:56:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Ihike01@aol.com=
>Does anyone out there have any info on this process?=A0<
Hi Jim
You've picked a very busy time to go to Baxter. Weekends in June July and=20
August sold out months ago for the popular campgrounds. There are parking=20
spots that Maine residents can reserve, but the Park kinda keeps that quiet.=
You're in for a long day, but one that many southbounders have done before=20
you. Get to the gate as soon as you can. Some cars will be lining up after=20
midnight with drivers napping or visiting with the others in line. Try to ge=
there before 4AM. When you get to Katahdin Stream Campground, you'll drop=20
your pack on the Ranger's porch. You might want to cook breakfast at the=20
picnic pavilions. Take a day pack (the Ranger has loaners) over to the=20
trailhead where there's a sign in sheet and weather forecast posted. On a=20
busy summer weekend get as early a start as you can to avoid the crowd going=
up the Hunt Trail. 5.2 miles later, pose at the sign! You'll be meeting=20
northbounders finishing their thrus, they're easy to pick out, can't miss=20
'em! When you get back to KSC, pick up your pack and hike on over to Daicey=20
Pond. (if your ride's still around, get them to slack you over to Daicey,=20
that pack's gonna be heavy after your climb!) There's a slight chance that a=
spot might be available late at KSC, check with the ranger, ask about=20
no-shows, other thruhikers that might share space in a reserved lean-to, or=20
if the 'overflow' lean-to is empty. Now that you're a 'thruhiker' you won't=20
need a reservation for a space in the lean-tos at Daicey Pond. You'll pass=20
them on your way up into the campground to register with the rangers. In the=
campground, do not miss the view from the library's porch! There's tenting=20
for thruhikers at the back of the field beyond the small twin lean-tos. The=20
rangers at Daicey have stopped sending home excess gear for southbounders, s=
you'll have to take that into consideration.
have a great hike!

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