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[at-l] Access to Baxter State Park

Like Soccer Man, I'm also starting a SOBO hike on 6/24.  My plan was to 
overnight in the park on the 23rd, and start the hike up Katahdin early on 
the 24th, finishing the day either at Katahdin Stream CG or Daicey Pond CG.  
Both these CG's are inside BSP and require reservations.  When i called the 
park office yesterday, i was given some bad news.

All the CG's are full... and fill up with reservations very early in the year 
(like in January)  The only way to make a reservation is either in person, or 
by snail mail.  When I asked the nice lady what about thru hikers, she said 
that the rangers at Daicey Pond CG kept 2 lean tos reserved for thru hikers.  
"AAhh, excellent!" thought I.  But the only way to get a reservation with the 
rangers is in person.  They neither accept phone, fax, email or snail mail.

To get into the park, you must have (1) a campground reservation (which i 
obviosly don't - as if I could plan my exact start date that early!!) or (2) 
come into the park on a day-use pass.  To come in on a day use pass, the nice 
rangers open the gates at 5am... and close them when the parking lots fill 
up.. maybe as early as 6 am on a weekend.

Does anyone out there have any info on this process?  I don't want to get in 
line at 3 or 4 in the morning, but will do that if necessary (depending also 
on whether I get a ride to the park or not), and am concerned that if the 
rangers don't have room for me at Daicey Pond CG, that I'll have to hike out 
past the park boundary...

Thanks All!

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