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[at-l] Re: Re cold breakfasts that stick

Neat recipe. I'll have to try this sometime though exactly when is hard to say.

I've seen reference to soy milk being "best" before. Why is it "best?" I've seen soy milk in liquid
form in health food stores, but never powdered. What brand(s) should I be looking for?

  ** Ken **

On 6/11/01 at 5:38 PM, t. <tjfort@netdoor.com> wrote:

> I mix up the following in a ziplock.  measured to make 1 quart.
> * powdered milk, soy milk is best
> * some weight lifting power; contains vitamins, amino acids, proteins,
> and lots of Calories.  (comes in several flavors)
> * instant breakfast  (two packets gets a little rich, here)
> * I have also been know to throw in a little fiber mix.  (can never
> hurt)

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