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[at-l] Curious

In a message dated 6/11/01 9:23:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bullard@northnet.org writes:

> Not to mention posting 
> lots of stuff to a public mail list. Try a Google search on "Saunterer" or 
> "Al (Draggin Anchor)".  

I hadn't done this search in a while and had to laugh when I did. It's just 
not fair - I search on POG and get "Patina Oil & Gas Corporation" , 
"Pediatric Oncology Group", "The POG Palace" and the "Point of Grace Church". 
 The most interesting site I came upon was about the Pioneer Pog 'n Scroggin 
Bush Band in New Zealand. 

>From the site: (http://kiwifolk.org.nz/artists/pog/pogband.html) :
The Pioneer Pog 'n' Scroggin Bush Band was coined and is now so ingrained in 
the psyche of Otago and Southland people that it defies any attempt at 
modification (though no-one ever gets the spelling right!). The founder 
members of the band were avid trampers (hikers) and climbers; they coined the 
name from two of the bush-walker's staple foods: Pog is porridge; <A HREF="http://azmetro.com/nzrecipe.html#scroggin";>Scroggin</A> is 
a high energy mixture of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate etc. Known locally 
as the Pog Band, their barndances are a regular feature of Dunedin socials, 
Victorian balls, conferences and private parties. Over the years the band has 
changed somewhat from the more traditional bush band line-up and repertoire, 
to its own unique blend of Celtic, New Zealand folk-rock and original music. 

 Sooooo...guess I better learn to like porridge in the morning if I am going 
to fit in with these trampers. 

(the search on karens62 brought up enough hits to swell my head - I'm losing 
my balance....)

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