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[at-l] cold breakfasts that stick

I doubt if this would work on a thru;  might cost too much and/or too
heavy.   but, it's great for sections and short hikes.  

I mix up the following in a ziplock.  measured to make 1 quart.

* powdered milk, soy milk is best
* some weight lifting power; contains vitamins, amino acids, proteins,
and lots of Calories.  (comes in several flavors)
* instant breakfast  (two packets gets a little rich, here)
* I have also been know to throw in a little fiber mix.  (can never

then all you have to do, is add a little water shake vigorously and
drink your breakfast.  nothing like cold milk on the trail.

this works well hot, too.   came in real handy last winter in the
smokies during that ice storm.