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[at-l] History (wasWarning! WF Post)

Some more history, from my private archives, originally sent May of 1998:

- Gary from Fairfax

> >From ryan@inc.net Mon May  4 18:05:56 1998
> From: "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@inc.net>
> To: at-l@saffron.hack.net, atml@trailplace.com, at-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject: ATML Re: [at-l] Why at-l and atml?
> If it makes more sense (and causes less confusion) I will take down the
> AT-L.    I
> have also recommended to WF that I continue to run the AT-L and he
> continue to run
> his very excellent Trailplace.Com website, he's got to be pretty damn
> busy, right?
> :-) And he's doing a great job!
> I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this matter; please feel free to
> drop me an
> email (ryan@inc.net).
> Ryan Brooks
> ryan@inc.net
> AT-L List Admin

> >>I think what you're referring to is my stated dislike of WF threads.   My
> >>basic problem with these threads is a personal one that started the day the
> >>ATML went on line.
> >>
> >>     At the time, the AT-L had been already operating for a few years and my
> >>concern was more of a net-etiquette one-  if there's an existing mailing
> >>list, common sense says you don't start another one with the same subject
> >>matter, duplicate efforts and split the community.  I spoke to Dan on the
> >>phone about this, but he just said that he "had to do it".   I even offered
> >>to split up the web aspects and the mailing list efforts so we could work in
> >>our core competencies.    ...clip...
> >
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