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AT site Links was : [at-l] Curious

Come on AL.....don't you get at least a half dozen spam-emails a month
from people promising to get your site up to the top in the search engines?
I bet I do <grin> (or I mean AAAARGH).  JK.....

I guess some of the schemes work, some don't but I've been told
(and i have no idea it it's true) that the real secret to getting your site
to pop, is to have lottsa other sites which display links to your sight.

So everyone that has a working hiking AT/ hiking site, ought to list links to
every other working AT/hiking site.  And to here as well of course.
Hey....that's a thought.

Everyone post your site addies so we have a list that we can add to our
links pages.  Hmmmm....maybe we ought to start an AT webring?
I used to know a sight that set it up for free........how do webrings work?

I think I've found them pretty useful in the past, now that I think of it....
Don't know that a webring would help with placenta buy if anyone found
any of our sites, they would be lead to another of them and would
here many voices....instead of one.  That can't be a bad thing!

At 08:42 AM 6/11/01 -0400, RoseMarie/Al Sarra wrote:
>Someone said:
> >  My introduction to an AT mail list was on ATML because
> > TrailPlace dominates the search engines.
>My question is this - How does one engineer such a thing so that the search
>engines select one site over another??  Is there something our list owner or
>some other knowledgeable person could do to counteract or neutralize this
>tendency - - or move Backcountry.net higher up in the pecking order?
>Al (Draggin' Anchor)
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