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[at-l] AT-O and Journals

At 01:56 PM 6/10/01 -0400, greyowl@rcn.com wrote:
>I know he is not posting
>journal this year and that Kahley has set up a site.

Alas....the AT-O journal section is a wash.  I don't know how to
set up it up and the lister who said he would do it has had his life
take a severe left turn and now can't.  There are links to journals
in the journal section of http://www.at-online.org/  If anyone is looking for a
free spot to host a journal, Ryan has always offered free webspace
for any non profit outdoor endeavor with no censorship or strings

If anyone knows how to set up a template program to allow a
transcriber who doesn't know html to post a journal, give a hollar.

As to AT-O in general, it's pretty much stalled for the summer due to
_lack_of_void_in my life <sigh> as well as the other folks who said they
wanted to help.   There are some journal links on the Journal page and
more will be added every month.

If anyone is able to code stuff without going crosseyed and
has even a hour or two of  free time, contact me.  There's lots of links
and stuff to be coded and formated and there is something in my
brain that just will not let me see the order of coding.  I do try. but
my mind is deficient in some specific area.  Hell...I have trouble
spelling english.  Maybe if they made a spell checker for coding,
I could pull it off but they don't and I can't.

If anyone wants to write articles on the history or future of the
Trail, medical issues, planning, or anything else Trail related,
give a hollar. Stuff will not be edited or censored as long as
ya keep it polite.

One thing....to all the people who sent photos for the Trailguide.
That WILL BE DONE.  That was my original passion for the
site and I am capable of doing that (God bless Image Styler)
but it's gonna have to wait till life slows down a little cause I
ain't no devotee <g>.   I do want you to know I really appreciate
your generous co-operation and your efforts are not really in vain,
even if it seems so right now.  Family woes and computer problems
knocked it off this winter (my computer doesn't seem to like graphics
programs) but I hope to have that resolved by fall and hopefully will have
more time to devote then as well.  The TRAILGUIDE photos will go online.
I give you my pledge.  Maybe a year late but IT WILL CONTINUE!

The space is there, the bones are built so if anyone has any flesh
to add you are more than welcome.  Now I'm gonna shut up about
AT-O before I start to whine <g>. I'm staring to sound like the little
red hen..'but who will help me bake the bread?'....<VVBG>