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[at-l] Max Patch to Hot Springs

There is camping (make it yourself) at Garenflo Gap and at a FS
crossing about 1 mile south of there. There is water at Walnut down
behind the shelter and way off the trail. I think there are campsites
near the rocks on Bluff Mt. (but no water). I think there are campsites
near Big Rock Creek, with quite an impressive water source.  

But I'm with you on simply planning on shelters, especially with a
leisurely 2 1/2 days between Max Patch and Hot Springs. I'd probably
Max to Walnut 4/27, Walnut to Lemon 4/28, then crawl into Hot Springs.


--- Slyatpct@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 6/10/2001 10:50:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> kenwood@hccinc.net writes:
> > Hiking Max Patch to Hot Springs, July 27-29.  Other than shelters,
> anyone
> > 
> I've always done the shelter thing through this area and can't recall
> any 
> campsites, not that there aren't any.  Water can be had at the
> shelters with the possible exception of Walnut Shelter... 

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