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[at-l] aWFul Putnam Mine...

At 01:34 PM 6/9/01 -0400, Bob Cummings wrote:

>I say again. We need to look at the message, not the messenger. The 
>question is not Wingfoot's ego,
>but whether despite his ego, he causes good things happen to the trail.

Weary and R&R, a lot of us haven't been to TP in years.  Would you tell us 
his current message?
Would you keep us updated on what he intends for the Trail?  We need an 
or two to dan's world, to keep us informed of future Trail 
initiatives.  People with passion
like you and R&R could keep us up dated as things arise.  You could be as 
much of a noodge
as you wanted to be.  You can post repeatedly on an issue without 
consequence.  Welll....
somebody may bitch about it but you won't get the boot.  This is a serious 
Chit chatters can write letters too ya know.....  There are a lot of us 
here who don't need
threats to get us to write and visit and attend.  If/when dan comes up with 
an idea that I
can back, I'd hate to not be there (in my own independent way) because I 
didn't know.