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Re[2]: [at-l] aWFul Putnam Mine...

> I'm sorry - everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as I told
> else recently.  If any one of these people who belittle us, put us down,
> accuse us of not helping the Trail, INCLUDING WF, ended up on the Trail
> somewhere, hurt and in need of a place to stay, and posted that here -
> someone would go get them, someone would share their home with them, and
> everything possible to help them.  No matter how they felt about the
> opinions, a lister would rush in to  help any hiker.  Even WF.
> I think that says it all.  But perhaps everyone just enjoys putting this
> down too much to face that.
> The Redhead

Well Redhead

You are PREACHING to the CHOIR!  Quite a good sermon, actually, although I
have heard it until I am quite sick of it....