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[at-l] aWFul Putnam Mine...and other posts

Hey Gang,

Definitely time for a hike.  If you do like WF's style or what he 
stands for then do something about it.  I know he is not posting 
journal this year and that Kahley has set up a site.  She is just one 
individual and I do not know how much this community has helped 
her.  Unfortunately I do not have time to read on-line journals I am 
too busy writting my own hich I will share with my children (and 
hopefully grndchildren).  Life is short and we are wasting too much 
time obsessing over one individual.  As far as I am concerned I am 
happy watching him make a fool of himself.  He does not need any 
help for himself.  

By the way how many of you have written Backpacker Mag., when 
they have quoted WF, saying that WF represent only a small 
portion of the hiking community?  I have twice and the second time 
got a nice letter from the publication.  The next time they quoted 
WF (About Pittsburghs support hikes) they actually also contacted 
the ATC!  Instread of bitching to the list bitch to the Magazine.

Grey Owl
Who is busily planning a couple of hikes in the SNP.