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[at-l] History (wasWarning! WF Post)

Well said:

	That was a good summary of Mr. Sour Grapes relation to the E-world in
his ego quest for fame and fortune. Not to mention his history of
problematic relations with the ATC. Capitalism, sure why not? But his
censorship of information about something I love is what really gets
under my skin. Many through hikers have stated to me, "...yea but I just
keep my mouth shut so I can have a Journal there, I wish I had known
there was somewhere else!"
	I have heard so many people say how glad they were to finally find out
that there is somewhere else to get information besides TrailPlace. When
you submit your web sites to search engines be sure and add expressions
like "trailplace" "hiking" etc. That way people searching the web will
at least know that there are many places on the internet to get
information on hiking. Then they can make intelligent enlightened
decisions on where to gather information.

chase AT-99 GG-99 HATT-00 ALT-00 TT-01 and still going hehhehe!