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[at-l] Shuttle needed!

I think you are talking about the route to Springer from the east. This
is feasible, but you can drive past Amicalola Falls on 52 and get to
the western approach by turning right at the Seay Church. At the T,
turn right and keep on to the sign for FS 42 (very well marked this
year. I've driven up from the east, and it is a steep drive and a bit
rockier, although not as bad as Cooper Gap road.

And I'm sorry I can't help on Jun 20. I'd like to get a Unicoi to Dicks
Creek Gap section in, but vacation and family time seem to compete.


BTW, Atlanta's traffic seems doomed this summer as a gas truck fire
Saturday AM is likely to close much of I-285 east bound and at least 1
lane of GA 400 north bound for a bridge to be rebuilt. Three steel
beams melted and much concrete will have to be replaced.

--- Charles Copeland <charles@uswnet.com> wrote:
> Also, is Hwy 52 to FS58 to FS42 a feasible route?  I've always gone
> through
> Ellijay but this route looks interesting, windy as heck, and a lot
> shorter.

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