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[at-l] Mixing Alcohol Stove Fuels

My burn was from Ethanol, but methanol would be similarly difficult.
Rubbing Alcohol is isopropanolwith a large amount of water. Sure you
could mix them, but the water makes for a much more cooler and sootier

The important thing is to remember that this is a quality of the gear
choice, and that you simply have to be cautious with it as with any

BTW, this weekend finds the larger burns almost covering over at a
visible rate. This is almost 2 weeks after the event. If anyone wants
to hear, I have a little article I'm working on comparing a burn to a
domestic dispute.


--- Hal Wright <knowhal@netreach.net> wrote:
> I've been reading about the trouble some folks have been having with
> not
> being able to see the methanol flame of a tin can stove. That got me
> to thinking...could you mix a little rubbing alcohol in ...

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