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[at-l] Lipton Dinners

Well, you got the right stuff and are close to doing it right. I'd
suggest using the stand-up Zip-Locks or Glad Bags and boiling water,
with the bag then surrounded by a fleece or something to hold the heat
in. It will take a pretty good time, at least 20 minutes, and these
will not be boiled to death or quite a dente. But they will be good
enough to get down your throat and get you along the way. 

I simply cook the stew out of them in the pot, and clean up by making
"Orangebug's Lipton Dinner Tea" afterwards, by adding water to the
dirty dinner pot, warming it, and drinking it while scrubbing the sides
and bottom with my finger. A dessert of Little Debbies and you are
ready for bed.

You are smart to try this at home to find out if you really like this
stuff. There are several other light weight and cheaper options
including packing your own dry milk, cheese, noodles or rice,
seasonings and dehydrated meat or veggies. We have another recent
lister (Linda) who has a bunch of grand recipes who should be piping up
any minute now with better suggestions.


--- Ihike01@aol.com wrote:
> I've been told that these are good trail food, as they're light
> weight, 
> high-cal, and easy to prepare.  "Put the mix into a freezer zip-loc
> bag, and 
> just pour the hot water in there and let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes" 

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