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[at-l] WF and all that

rick boudrie <rickboudrie@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Uh, er..... Hi?

Welcome to the campfire, Rick!


>OK, that's my story.  Wish I could have come to this campfire with a smile 
>and few beers.  Perhaps it was something to do with that Hitler analogy.  
>Seems to me a whole lot of people kept their mouths shut in the face of 
>prejudice back then too.

Good point. I've been on another list where they have a wonderful list "rule" that they call the "Hitler rule." According to the rule, whenever the name of Hitler is invoked in a post, it means that intelligent discussion of a topic is no longer possible, and it's time to move the discussion on. 

So, should we invoke the Hitler Rule now?

Good post, welcome, and let me hand you a smashmallow for your pointy stick.

>Yes, that last line with all its hyperbole was said with a wink and a 
sarcastic grin.

Back atcha.

--Rhymin' Worm