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[at-l] Re: Mean-spirited Diatribe, WF and at-l

Bob Cummings Bob Cummings <ellen@clinic.net> wrote:

>I don't want to discuss all of this diatribe

I've never pictured you as a "Wingfoot devotee".  That's reserved for those 
who have no common sense.  You and Chainsaw are the two people on atml whose 
posts generally made sense.  You nearly always give good advice.  But keep 
in mind that at-l isn't what you expect it to be - or what you think it is.  
There's more actual thruhiking experience, more actual trail experience and 
more actual trail involvement here than Wingfoot has ever dreamed of for 

>I know Wingfoot has done some very valuable things for the trail. I know he 
>could do more, had he had fewer private demons. I know he's his own worst 
>enemy.  But I've tried to never let eccentricity or obnoxiousness get in 
>the way of the truth, if I could help it.

Sorry - that's where you lose me.  The good he's done is both ephemeral and 
questionable - the damage he's doing will last beyond his lifetime - and 
mine - and yours.

>Somehow, folks in this forum, and on Trailplace, need to figure out how not 
>to let the messenger interfere with the message.

It isn't the messenger that bothers me - it's the message -- and the music.

Walk softly,

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